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About us -
from the professional Life

You will find more information in the personal profiles below:

Jürgen C.K. Gleue

FMCG, Brand-name goods, banking and insurance industries, trade and service providers

Jan Ihden

Marketing and sales in the food industry, foreign trade, B2B and service providers

Brigitte Kober-Dill

Production, marketing and sales in branded goods and fashion industries

Dominik Wolff-Peterseim

Consumer goods industry, trade, service providers, health sector and hospitals

Dr. Nikolaus A. Peters

Management Coach for strategic and organizational change, for individuals or for professional teams

Dr. Karen Schulze-Bergmann

Technical industry and medical technology sectors, chemical / pharmaceutical and food industries

Dr. Christian Kühl

Telecommunication, Information Technology, Media, e-Commerce,
Marketing, Sales and Customer Care

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